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We offer a board of international consulting services to empower you to WIN again among all challenges of your life.

Noora International Consulting Services provides a board of international consulting services to empower, grow your strength, capacities, fortitude, bravery, and tolerance to succeed again, move in a regular rhythm, and overcome life’s problems.

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Our team are highly trained and experienced

Noora’s team despite having various licenses in the field of International Relations, Counseling programs, technical management, leadership skills have been still gaining many intellectual techniques to improve, and highly intelligent techniques to support you with the latest version of better living in calm conditions, healthy relationship with your family and friends.

We provide a pleasant and inviting environment

Where others like you with unique or unexampled knowledge are supposed to share their knowledge, memories, past difficulties to reach out for better help, connect with others among the global nations, and find new ways of coping for creating a healthy way of dealing with life’s struggle.

We are fully committed to

serving the needs of whoever walks into one of our packages. How well we service our customers is how they will judge us as a team. We make our customers feel special and treat them with respect so they will reward us with years of loyalty.

Various approaching methods

Noora offers individual counseling and therapy sessions for anxiety, depression, life coaching, loss, or trauma in person or over the phone. Call us and find out how you may increase your strength and vitality with just one phone call. You’ll find us with a kind greeting, attentive attitude, and quick, courteous assistance to ensure that you receive what you’re looking for.

Our Services

HR Professional Counseling

  • Job Opportunity
  • Courses Education
  • Skill Mapping
  • Social Services

Noora International Consulting Services started a scheduled plan to begin a different conversation with you for picking up one of the proper services which make the glory of your future if you do plan to have business or experience for living another country such as various provinces of beautiful Canada, even for a temporary time. You can take our package of Community and social services, Social work assistant, health services or, medical health services, skill Mapping, Ethics cultural Practicum through accommodating multiple options such as living with the relevant citizen «homestay» or in the hotel package based on your opinion in the selected country as you wish.


  • Family Skills
  • Couple Counseling
  • Kids & Youth Counseling

A strong image of yourself is the result of our success with communication strategies therapy, which can substantially boost your ability to form new connections that you didn’t expect. Learning various acknowledges or methods such as pre-marriage, stress management workshops to draw strong images of real-life, and sharing your feelings and thoughts with your partner will be the emphasis of family or couple counseling skills. We assist you in refreshing your connection by offering safe places in which you can rediscover yourself.

Noora Inc. chose to bring together worldwide children and youngsters with zero to 100 capabilities as much as feasible. Simply put your faith in us and allow us to create an international festival chain.


  • English Language Learning
  • French Language Learning
  • Japanese Language Learning
  • Farsi Language Learning
  • Pre-Marriage Education

Your marriage will either raise or depress you.
You are not your husband’s business partner who is obliged to take care of the children, nor are you simply a supporter who assists the second one in earning more money. That is your right to a semi-real life of living with your finances under the supervision of a counselor in order to learn how to assist each other or how to be alone for yourself. We are here to assist you in realizing such a bright idea for yourself. We recognize your passion as “anger or love,” thus NICS has considered certain specific programs through many expert professionals to increase your true feeling of life for getting a new viewpoint on your last aspirations.


  • Healing Nature Tours
  • Medical Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Educational Tours

Several healing trips in nature using native methods are ready for you to take the lead in overcoming the obstructed energy in your life. We encounter life in a variety of ways while we travel. We travel to new countries, cultures, cuisines, traditions, and ways of life. There is a strong desire to experience new languages in different countries during your adolescent years when you are in high school, or even if you are an adult who would like to try another lifestyle of living with applicable bits of the help of a professional team for a short period of your life, Noora Inc. team is beside you to do your dream safely.

Noora Inc. may be able to assist you in obtaining a visa and safe accommodation to study German, Japanese, or native Canadian languages, Farsi, First Nations, English, or French in one of the country’s relevant provinces.


Take a look at photos from previous journeys.
“We’re taught that if we’re attractive, thin, successful, popular, or famous, everyone will adore us and we’ll be happy, but this isn’t fully true. The most essential journey is one that takes us within ourselves in order to discover the truth and what makes us happy.”

Noora Inc.

Our Motto:

“our power is working together”

“Just try our services”




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